URLs for uploaded files

To externally reference a file you have uploaded to your web site (such as linking to it from an email), you would use an absolute URL reference similar to the example below:



  • yoursitename.com is your web site name (including the .com/.edu/.org domain suffix)
  • uploaded/folder/subfolder is the location of your file (all of the folders in Filer Manager are themselves subfolders of the "uploaded" folder. The file you want to link to may be saved several folders deep in the File Manager structure. Each successive folder is marked with a / in the URL.)
  • uploadedfile.PDF is the name and extension of the relevant file.

You can also click on the "magnifying glass" icon next to a file in File Manager, and then copy the URL from the browser window that pops open.

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  • In my view of File Manager, there is no magnifying glass icon, so I am not able to find the URL for my file.

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