eNotify Archive element

The eNotify Archive element allows you to set up a repository of past eNotices for users to refer back to at a later date.


Element Settings

In addition to the common element settings, the eNotify Archive element includes the following configuration options.

  • Display eNotices from: Choose whether to show all eNotices, eNotices that are stored in a specific folder or folders in eNotify, or eNotices sent to one or more specified mailing list.

Display Settings

  • Display [X] items from: Enter a number of eNotices to display and choose to display the most recent eNotices, eNotices from the current month or week, or eNotices from a specific day range or date range.

    • Date Format: Set the format for displaying dates.

    • Date Separator: Configure the character used to separate day, month, and year digits when dates are displayed numerically.

    • Time Format: Set the format for displaying the start time of each event.

  • Display in output: Select whether to display the reply-to address, the “From” label, and the date and time the eNotice was sent.


  • Display option to [Load More]: Give users the option to load more eNotices outside of the range displayed at first. You can customize the text that appears on this link.

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