Getting Started with Posts 3: Manage board permissions

The ability to create new Posts content is tied to a user's permissions within the module.

User permissions are set individually for each Board. Site admins with the "Posts" admin right can assign permissions to users for each board in the module using the "Permissions" tab of the Board Settings. Board admins who are not site admins can also assign permissions for their boards.

  1. Find the Board whose permissions you want to edit. Click on the three-dot Action Menu, and select "Settings", and then "Permissions."

  2. Start typing a name into the "Add Constituent" field. Posts will begin suggesting users from Constituent Manager with matching names. Click on the desired user to select that person.

  3. Select the appropriate permission level for the user.

    • View: Users can see the board and its posts, but cannot make any edits.
    • View, Edit & Delete: Users with this permission level can edit Posts at will, but cannot publish anything to the live site. Another user with a higher permission level would have to login to review & publish those posts.

    • View, Edit, Publish & Delete: Same as above, but with the added ability to Publish Posts to the the live site.

    • Admin: These users have full permission to view, edit, delete and publish Posts; manage board categories; adjust other users' permission levels; and add new users.


Getting Started with Posts 4: Edit board settings

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  • How do we allow parents with board permission access to add photos without creating an admin account for them? I trained a parent and gave her the ability to view, edit, publish and delete photos, however, I  realize that she is unable to actually add photos to file manager. Is there a work-around?

  • Each role in Constituent Manager (Parents, Faculty & Staff, Alumni, etc.) must individually be granted a file-space limit in File Manager. If this isn't done for a role, then users in that role won't be able to use File Manager. (Since this is a setting that only Finalsite Support can adjust, we can take care of this in a ticket.)

    When they are granted space in File Manager Parents can upload to the "Public Private Files" section, meaning they will be able to upload and share files with other logged-in website users; their files will NOT be visible to anybody who is not logged into the site. 

  • Update: New info for Resources users

    Resources, Finalsite's new site asset management tool, deals with permissions differently (surprise!) It's much easier to allow constituents to have access to specific folders within Resources.

    The most straightforward way to grant file upload rights to non-admins is to give them permissions to a Board in the Posts module. Each Board automatically gets a corresponding folder in Resources which inherits its user permissions from the Board itself. Site admins don't have to grant special access to anybody for this method to work - as long as users have permission to edit Board content, they'll have access to that Board's folder in Resources.

    The other approach would be to navigate to a folder in Resources, open up its settings from the action menu, and then use the controls on the Permissions tab to grant rights to a specific constituent. There are varying rights levels that can be assigned (such as allowing the ability to edit folder contents but not the folder itself). These permissions can be applied to individual users, or to all the members of a group.

    Whichever approach you take, those users would then have the ability to upload files via the image controls in the editor, whether they're creating a post or editing a page. They would click the "Insert media" button, click "Browse" to open up Resources, and then use the "Upload" controls there to add an image, which could then be displayed on a page/post.

    See the article "Resources Permissions" for all of the details.

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