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    Lauren Cronon

    How do we allow parents with board permission access to add photos without creating an admin account for them? I trained a parent and gave her the ability to view, edit, publish and delete photos, however, I  realize that she is unable to actually add photos to file manager. Is there a work-around?

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    Justin Ober

    Each role in Constituent Manager (Parents, Faculty & Staff, Alumni, etc.) must individually be granted a file-space limit in File Manager. If this isn't done for a role, then users in that role won't be able to use File Manager. (Since this is a setting that only Finalsite Support can adjust, we can take care of this in a ticket.)

    When they are granted space in File Manager Parents can upload to the "Public Private Files" section, meaning they will be able to upload and share files with other logged-in website users; their files will NOT be visible to anybody who is not logged into the site. 

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