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The Finalsite text editor includes tools that allow you to change the "style" of your text. When web designers talk about style, they mean the characteristics of a thing - so a “text style" covers many attributes such as the font choice, size, color, boldface or italics, and so on.

The text editor has two ways to edit styles. The first, and most direct, is by using the formatting tools included in the editor toolbar. This is the traditional form of editing - type your text into the content area, and the the buttons to add boldface, italics, change colors and size, and so on.

The other way to control fonts is to use Styles Manager to establish one or more consistent, pre-formatted text styles that combine attributes like font, color, size, italics and so on, and then apply those styles to a block of text. For example, you could create a style with multiple attributes denoting red, bolded, large text in the Arial font family. You could then select that style from the "Styles" dropdown menu and apply it to any text that you've entered into the text editor. All of the custom attributes in the style will be applied to the selected text.

Notice that, in the "Styes" dropdown menu, the menu items themselves reflect the attributes of the text style. This way, you can give your text styles a helpful name that corresponds to where they should be used (such as the "Enotify_sectionX" styles) while still allowing you to preview what that text will look like on the page.

If you don't see all of the text-editing controls, go to Site Manager > People > Admin Users, and make sure that all of the checkboxes are selected in the "Editor Rights" section at the lower-left.

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