Editor videos

 Video: Basic Text Editing  (1:58) Updated 7/15/2014

Topics covered include:

  • Adjusting the size of the editor
  • Formatting text (bolditalics, etc.)
  • Applying HTML formats (headers, quotations, etc.)
  • Applying Style Manager styles

Video instruction: Inserting Images, Embeds and Links


 Video: Inserting images, Embeds and Links (1:16) Updated 7/3/2014

Topics covered include:

  • Finding and uploading images
  • Setting the display size of an image
  • Image margins
  • Setting ALT tags and titles
  • Editing images after uploading


 Video: Adding Links in the Finalsite Web Editor (2:17) Updated 7/3/2014

Topics Covered in this Video:

  • Creating external links i.e., other websites
  • Creating internal links i.e., other site pages
  • Creating links to documents in your File Manager
  • Creating links to files in your Multi Media Manager
  • Link properties


 Video: Creating Anchor Links (links on the same page) (1:36) Updated 7/22/2014

Topics covered include:

  • Creating anchor targets using the ID attribute
  • Creating anchor links


 Frequent Tasks (2:55) Updated 7/31/2013

Topics covered include:

  • Expanding the editor/Full Screen view
  • Undo/Redo functions
  • Copy/Paste functions, including pasting content from word processors
  • Auto-saving content (no more save button!)
  • Editing images
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