Transitioning Years in Apply

Transitioning years refers to moving a student from their current grade to their new grade for the new academic year. This can be done for any student after they have confirmed re-enrollment. Students who have declined re-enrollment can be transitioned to Graduated or Withdrawn. It is best to transition students in bulk between academic years. Once transitioned, the grade level of any students who have confirmed re-enrollment will automatically change to the grade that they are re-enrolling for, which is the next grade up, by default. The Enrollment Year of the student will always remain the same, as this refers to the academic year when they initially joined the school.


To start, navigate to the Students Roster and click Transition Years.



Select the Academic Year that you are transitioning to in the top right corner. All students will automatically be selected.



For students who have declined re-enrollment, you will have the option of marking them as Graduated or Withdrawn.




Once you have selected the desired students, click Confirm Transition. Please note: only those within the single page view will be confirmed. If there are multiple pages of students, be sure to transition each page or increase the number of students shown per page.


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