Styles Manager overview

Styles Manager allows you to create preset formatting rules that can be applied to text in the editor.

To add a style

  1. Go to Site Administration > Site Manager > Design > Styles Manager.  Note: Only site administrator admin groups have access to the Styles Manager.

  2. Click the “NEW STYLE” link in the top-right corner of the Available Styles list.

  3. Give your style a label. Note: This should be descriptive of what the style does.

  4. In the Properties section, enter CSS code.

  5. Page Manager users can use the checkboxes to determine where in Finalsite this style will be available. Styles that should be used only in emails and not on site pages should have any eNotify-related layouts selected, for instance. Composer users don't have to worry about the checkboxes.

To apply a style

Once you have styles defined in Styles Manager, you can use them in the editor.

First, highlight the section of text you want to change. Then, click the Styles dropdown menu, and select the style you want to apply to the selected text.

That's it! The text will then have the style applied to it.

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