Linking to Media Manager objects (Page Manager)

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How can I link to the Media Gallery?

Media objects can be targeted with a link just like site pages. To create a link to a media object (which includes images, videos or audio, as well as playlists), first create the text that you want to become a link in the Unpublished tab.

  1. Click the yellow "e" to bring up the Web Editor.

  2. Highlight the text or image you want to hyperlink and click "Site Media Link" located in the popup editor's toolbar.

    Note: You can also embed the media object itself directly onto the page, rather than linking to it:

  3. In the Media Picker window, you can link to the most recently updated item clicking on link at the top of the page, or to a specific item in the Gallery by navigating the collapsable menu and clicking "Select" next to the item you want to show.

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