Applicants Re-Applying for Different Academic Year

Applicants Re-Applying for a Different Academic Year

If an applicant was declined for, or withdrawn from, an academic year, they may wish to re-apply for a subsequent academic year.

If their status is still showing as Applied (or another status), you should first ensure that they are marked as Declined or Withdrawn. In this case, the applicant was Declined for 2016-2017 Academic Year, but now wishes to re-apply. First, click the pencil icon to edit the applicant.

Edit the Enrollment Year to match the new academic year for which the applicant is now re-applying. In this case, the applicant is now applying for 2017-18. If you would like the family to be able to edit the forms that they have already submitted, so that they can update their application, select Unlocked on the right panel, under Access & Permissions. Otherwise, be sure that Locked is selected. Click to Save Changes.

You can now change the status from Declined or Withdrawn to Pending. From Pending, you can then change the status to Applied, if necessary. The applicant history will correctly reflect the fact that the applicant applied for one year, was declined, and has now re-applied, and this will also be reflected in any analytics.

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