Video: Creating tables with the web editor

When to use a table

Tables are an effective way to display tabular data on a web page; in other words, to display data about a number of items with similar properties. Most of the time, any data that is well-suited to display on a spreadsheet would also work well as a table.

Generally, it’s a good idea to avoid using a table if the information can be presented in another way. Tables aren’t responsive, which means they won’t adjust for easier viewing on a smaller screen. To offer the best experience for mobile users, consider responsive-friendly options like bulleted lists before adding a table to your page.

Tables should almost never be used for layout on a website page. Years ago, tables were often used to align text and graphical images on a page, but this is considered poor practice now and is strongly discouraged. It's better to use Page Layout options for arranging content in general, and the image-alignment options available in the Insert/Edit Image popup for fine adjustments.

Create a table

Check out this short video to learn about the table-editing tools in the Finalsite editor.


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