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This article refers to our legacy product, Page Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Composer. To find out how to upgrade your site, talk to your Client Success Manager or learn more on our website.

The little image that appears in your browser's title bar next to your page title is called a favicon.

If your site does not already have one, it's pretty simple to set one up.

1. Find an image

You'll need an image to create this icon from. The end result will be a square that is 16 pixels on a side. This is pretty small, so an image with a lot of detail will not make a good favicon. Simple logos are the best.

2. Create an icon file

Once you have an image, you'll need to use it to create a favicon.ico file.

  1. Go to

  2. Click Import Image on the left.

  3. Use the Choose File button to select your image file. Select whether to "Keep dimensions", or "Shrink to square icon." The option you pick will depend on your original image.

  4. You can now make adjustments to the icon. If your original image had a background, you can click the "transparent" checkbox and erase pixels to remove the background. A preview of your icon will appear below.

  5. Once you are happy with your icon, click the "Download Favicon" button below the preview. This file should be named "favicon.ico".

3. Upload the icon to your site

Once you have a favicon.ico file, you'll need to add it to your site.

For Composer sites

  1. Upload the file to any location in File Manager. (The main Public Files directory, or an "/images" subfolder are recommended.)

  2. Open Composer, and navigate to the settings for your Domain. This will be the main level under Pages, and is most likely labelled with your school's name. Hover over it and click the menu dots.

  3. Under Domain Favicon, use the Browse button to select the file you just uploaded from File Manager.

  4. Apply the Domain Settings. 

For Page Manager sites

  1. Upload the favicon.ico file to the main Public Files directory in Page Manager.
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  • I am trying to add a Favicon to the W+H site and have the file uploaded but do not see instructions past that for Page Manager sites. What are the final steps to getting it posted?

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