Use "Old Quiz Manager" quizzes

Finalsite's "old" quiz tool was replaced in summer 2015; however, you can import quizzes from the previously used tool into the current quiz tool. 

From the Quizzes Dashboard, click "Old Quizzes" to view Quiz Manager. Note: only teachers who have created quizzes in the old Quiz Manager will see this button.

Clicking this button will launch Quiz Manager. Find the quiz you would like to convert, and click to select it.

You will see a "Convert to New Quizzes" button in the top left-hand corner.

Note that, while we will do our best to preserve your quiz, a few items are handled differently in "new" quizzes than they were in "old" quizzes:

Upon clicking "Proceed," your quiz will convert, and a preview will be displayed. Please review your quiz in the new Quiz module to verify it appears as you intended.

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