Adding a site language translation button (Page Manager)

The easiest way to add an automatic language translation option to your site is to implement Google Translate. You enter some basic information about the language your site is written in and how you want the Google Translate button to appear, and then paste the code supplied by Google into a Page Banner so that it will be displayed on your site.

If you do not want to add Google Translate to your website, or if you already have translations of your site content and want to offer it to users alongside the native language content, you could instead add a Translation Element to certain pages. To learn more about adding Translation Elements, watch the Translation Banner Elements Support Video.

Obtaining the Google Translate code

Go to the Google Translate Tools page, and use the following setup options:

  1. Select "Add to your website now."

  2. Enter your website URL and set the original language as "English."

  3. Choose your desired settings for the plugin: whether you want to limit the translation languages, how you'd like it to appear, and whether to track translation traffic with Google Analytics.

  4. Select "Get Code" and copy the code that appears in the box on the next page.

Adding the code to your site

Once you have copied the code from Step 4, you can paste it into a Page Banner, which you'll then associate with your Home page. In this example, we'll place the Google Translate code at the bottom of the right-side banner, under the calendar items.


  1. In Page Manager, go to your site's Home page and open the "Page Banners and Layout" section. Make a note of the name of the banner where you want to place the Google Translate link. In this case, the Right Banner is called "home right."

  2. Select "Page Banners" from the "Design" section of the"Site Manager" menu.

  3. Find the name of the banner you identified and click on it.

  4. Click the "Clone Banner" link at the top of the page. This will ensure that you will have a backup of your original banner in case you need to restore it.

  5. Add a Text Element to the bottom of your cloned banner. Click the "HTML" button on the text editor and paste the Google Translate code you copied into the HTML text area.


  6. Click the "Save this Banner" button.

  7. Go back to Page Manager and find the "Page Banners and Layout" section again. Replace the appropriate banner with its updated clone.

  8. Save the page and preview it in the Unpublished tab.



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