Finding your Support Customer ID

As a user with support ticket permissions, you have access to either live, on-demand phone support* within normal business hours, or submission of voicemail support tickets afterhours. You’ll need to enter your Customer ID when calling for the first time. We’ll store your Caller ID phone number and attempt to automatically recognize you on future calls so you don’t need to enter your Customer ID each time you call.

This will have the added benefits of more intelligent routing of calls to Support team members who are skilled in the products you have, and allowing Support team members to access your account info much more quickly when you call. 

Your customer ID is available in the top-right of the Support Portal window.

Customer ID location

Note: You must log into the back end of your site and access the support portal via the support menu to see this value. Please see our Contact Support and Emergency Information article for more.

To contact Finalsite Support by phone:

  • 1-800-588-5330
  • 1-703-574-2266 (outside North America)

*In order to receive live, on-demand phone support, your Service Level Agreement (SLA) must be Priority or Premium. If you have the Standard or Basic SLA, you will be limited to submission of voicemail tickets.


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