Commerce order shipping options

There are a number of shipping options available for use with Commerce Manager.

To customize your shipping settings, navigate to Site Manager > Site Administration > Site Modules > Commerce.

Shipping Options

Under the Shipping Options section, select your preferred shipping option from the list provided. Each option has additional settings that are shown when the corresponding radio button is selected. Here is a description of each option, as well as how to complete the additional settings fields:

UPS - calculated from

  • From Zip: Enter the zip code you will be shipping from. (i.e. Your school's Zip Code)

  • Methods: This is where you can select which shipping options are presented to the user when they are making a purchase by entering the appropriate UPS method codes into the field. The available UPS method codes for US-originated shipments are listed below.  Enter all of the two-digit codes corresponding to the shipping options you wish to display in a comma-separated list. The website user will only see those methods that UPS offers for the order's shipment weight and origin/destination zip codes.

    • 01 - UPS Next Day Air
    • 02 - UPS 2nd Day Air
    • 03 - UPS Ground
    • 07 - UPS Worldwide Express
    • 08 - UPS Worldwide Express Expedited
    • 11 - UPS Standard
    • 12 - UPS 3 Day Select
    • 13 - UPS Next Day Air Saver
    • 14 - UPS Next Day Air Early A.M.
    • 54 - UPS Worldwide Express Plus
    • 59 - UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.

Note: For full details of each shipping option, see the webpage for U.S. Shipping Services.

Fixed amount per order

A single fixed amount charged for shipping for each individual order. By selecting this option, you will add a set dollar amount to each transaction in order to cover shipping costs.

  • Shipping Amount ($): - The amount, in dollars, to charge for shipping.

  • ---: Not Used

Tiered amounts per order subtotal

Similar to "Fixed amount per order" in that a set dollar amount is added to each transaction, however, the actual dollar amount added will vary according to the total order cost - more expensive orders will be charged a higher shipping fee (i.e., a $5 for shipping fee for orders $0 to $20, $10 shipping fee for orders $21 to $40, etc.)

  • Shipping Tiers ($ List): Enter the shipping fees for each tier sequentially, without $ signs, in a comma separated list. (e.g. "5,10,15,20,25" ). These are the amounts that will be added to each transaction as a shipping fee. The number of values entered in this field will determine the number of different shipping amount tiers.
  • Subtotal Tiers ($ List): Enter the corresponding subtotal value ranges for each tier entered in the previous field. (e.g. "0,20,40,60,80" ). The number of values entered into this field must match the number of values entered into the "Shipping tiers ($ List)" field. The first number is the lower boundary for shipping costs - this should usually be 0, unless you want to waive shipping fees for orders under a certain dollar amount. The second number is the upper boundary of the range for the first shipping-cost tier. Each subsequent number is the upper boundary for the next sequential shipping-cost tier.

In the examples above, shipping rates would be:

Order Amount Shipping
$0 to $20 $5
$20-$40 $10
$40 - $60 $15
$60 - $80 $20
$80 or more $25

Percentage of order subtotal

Calculates shipping based on a fixed percentage of the order subtotal.

  • %: Percentage of order subtotal to charge for shipping. In the example above, each transaction would have an additional %6.25 of the order subtotal added as a shipping fee.

  • ---: Not used

None - No shipping

No shipping option. (Useful if you are selling items for pickup only rather than for delivery; see below)

Pick Up

Regardless of the shipping calculation option you choose, you can also include a "pick up" option, where users can opt not to be charged shipping and pick the item up themselves.

If you want this to be labeled something other than "Pick Up", you can input a custom label in the text field provided when this option is checked.

Limiting Shipping to Certain Countries

You can limit shipping to specific countries. Selecting this option will open two selection lists. Use the list on the left ("Potential Countries") to select the countries you will ship to, and click the "+ Add Country(ies) -->" button to add them to the Allowed Countries list. To remove a country from the list, select it in the Allowed Countries list, and click "X Remove Country."


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