Shipping / return / refund policies for merchant account vendors

The merchant account or payment gateway may have some guidelines for minimum information needed in the policy. Otherwise, here are some basic points to consider for inclusion:

  • Do you accept returns? If so, for how long after purchase? 10, 30, 90 days? Is there a different time limit for returns for refund vs. returns for exchange?
  • Do you accept returns for refund, or only exchange? What about in cases where merchandise is defective?
  • Do you refund shipping costs, or only the cost of merchandise? What about in cases where the merchandise is defective?
  • If a customer returns something for exchange, is customer responsible for shipping charges, or you? Do you cover or reimburse the cost of return shipping if the merchandise is defective?
  • Can orders be cancelled? If so, how long do they have to cancel after placing order? 1 hour? 24 hours? (This will probably depend on how soon you ship orders. You don't want to be able to cancel orders that have already been shipped.)
  • How long after the order is placed will it be shipped? Same day? Within 2 business days?
  • How are orders shipped? USPS, UPS, etc.

Once you have formulated a policy based on your answers to these questions, you can put it together in bullet point format such as:

  • Returns for refund will be accepted within 14 days of date of purchase
  • Returns for exchange will be accepted within 60 days of date of purchase
  • etc
  • etc
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