Push messages

Push Messages are short text messages sent from the website to users of the iOS Mobile App. These messages appear in the mobile user's notification tray. Unlike SMS Alerts, Push Messages are not "text messages" - instead, they're messages that come from the school's app on each user's phone.

Creating Push Messages

To create a new Push Message, open up Push Message Manager from the Site Manager menu. (Push Message Manager is automatically activated when the iOS app is launched for your school.)

The PMM Dashboard has a table showing all of the previous Push Messages that have gone out to iOS users, including the send date, the message and the author.

To create a new message, click the green "New Push Message" button, or just click over to the "Send" tab.

When composing a message, you can choose whether or not it should play a sound on the user's device when it arrives (of course, if a user's device is muted, they won't hear anything!)

Type the content of your message into the large text area, and click "Send" when it's ready to go. The message will go out to everyone who uses your school's iOS app.

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