Create and weight term exams

This can be configured by a site admin in LMS Manager. The admin first creates "Term Exams" alongside the standard Marking Periods within a term, and then sets the weight each Marking Period and Term Exam should have when final grades are calculated. Finally, teachers can add assignments to class calendars that are designated as "Exams" to make sure they receive the appropriate weight.

Term Exams are created on a per-school basis - any Term Exams created for the Upper School, for instance, would be applicable to each Upper School class.

Create Term Exams

Term Exams are created in LMS Manager > Terms tab, just like a regular Marking Period. Create a new Term, or open up an existing one. The Term Exam controls are located below the Marking Period controls. Use the green "Add New" button to create one or more Term Exams.

In this example, we've got a Fall Semester that contains two Marking Periods, called "Quarter1" and "Quarter2." This semester also has two Term Exams, called "FallMidtermExam" and "FallFinalExam."

Note that we don't have to set a start or end date with the Term Exams. Right now, the notification to the right of each Term Exam indicates that they are weighted evenly with the Marking Periods in this term.

This process can be repeated for any other Terms in the school year.

Set Term Exam weighting

Now that the Term Exams have been established, let's adjust their weight relative to the regular Marking Periods in this term. Still in the LMS Manager > Terms tab, click the "Weight term/exam grades" button in the left-hand nav bar to switch to that screen.

By default, the Marking Periods and Term Exams are evenly weighted. Select the "Customized weighting of marking period grades" radio button to override the default.

Note: There is a new feature that allows teachers to override the weighting set on the school. There is an additional checkbox for "Allow teachers to customize weighting per gradebook." This will allow teachers to set their own weightings in gradebook settings.

Use the text fields to enter the percentage of the final grade weight for each Marking Period and Term Exam. You must set the weighting percentages such that all of the Marking Periods and Term Exams for the entire academic year total 100%. (The shaded box at the bottom will appear red when the values do NOT total 100% and will appear green when the values equal 100%.)

Creating Exams in the LMS

Term Exams don't have set start and end dates like Marking Periods. Instead, the date and time for those periods is determined by when the exams are scheduled for each class. Teachers actually configure this when creating the exams in their class gradebooks.

When viewing the Gradebook tab, teachers will see a blue "New Term Exam" button.

This will bring up a new Gradebook Entry window.

Teachers can set the Max Points value for the exam, select which Term Exam period it should belong to, and set the date and event type. (In this case, "Event Type" won't have much impact, as presumably there would be only one exam per class for each Term Exam.) The window will display the custom weighting (if any) for the selected Term Exam.

Exams will be listed alongside other class assignments on students' Grade Reports.

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