Use the Gradebook as a teacher

Gradebook has several different views that you can select to see upcoming and completed assignments.

The "Gradebook" tab defaults to the "Entries" view, which displays each assignment individually.

Entries are shown in chronological order by due date, but you can change this using the gray dropdown menu at the upper-right. You can select to sort assignments alphabetically by title, or group them according to category. (In the example above, the categories are listed to the right of each assignment name - "Homework" and "Quizzes" are shown.)

Clicking on an assignment will display each of the students on a separate row - this is where you can assign grades, indicate if an assignment was late, incomplete or excused, and add optional comments.

Switching the display from "Entries" to the "Roster" view allows you to look at each student's grades in isolation. 

The "Roster" view shows cumulative grades for both the class as a whole and for individual students. The dropdown menu at the right allows you to switch between sorting by First Name or by Last Name. The collapsed view for each student shows the grades they have earned up to that moment in the class (any assignments that are on the calendar in the future are not counted). Gradebook will show not only a summary of each students' overall grade, but will break that down into a summary of the grades they are receiving for each assignment type; this way, you can see if a particular student is excelling on homework but underperforming on in-class exams, for example.

Click on a student's name to bring up a detail view that shows their grades for all of the assignments turned in to date.

Click on the "Hide Grades" and "Hide Stats" buttons to remove the grading information from the roster view.

This can be useful when conducting parent-teacher conferences, or other situations where it's useful to display the roster without revealing student performance data. With grades hidden, it's still possible to click on an individual student to reveal their grade information; this data is only hidden on the collapsed summary view.

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