Set up the Gradebook as a teacher

When activating Gradebook for their class(es), teachers first configure the gradebook settings, and then begin adding graded assignments to the class calendar. 

The first time they click on the "Gradebook" tab in the LMS, teachers will be prompted to configure the gradebook settings, and then to begin adding assignments to the class calendar.

The Gradebook Settings window pops up when a teacher clicks the "Settings" button. (Teachers can also open the Gradebook Settings at any time - the "Settings" button appears on the Gradebook tab.) Read on for a detailed description of each control in the Settings panel.

Grading scale

The grading scale section lets teachers determine whether classwork is graded on a percentage scale or by tallied points.

Under "Standard" grading, every single assignment for the class will count toward each student's final grade in the same way. This can be changed, though, by switching to the "Weighted" grading option. When you click the "Weighted" button, Gradebook will ask you to define the various types of assignments that make up the syllabus, and to give each one a percentage value indicating how much each assignment type counts toward students' final grades. The system will show a tally at the top of the list of assignment types; this tally is shaded red if it does NOT equal 100%.

In addition to that column, a teacher can choose to drop any number of the lowest grades (per Marking Period) by selecting a number in the last column labeled "Drop Lowest." 

Note: If all grades in a gradebook say "Dropped," it is usually because the instructor has accidentally set their weighting percentages in the Drop Lowest column. 

Grade display

The grade display options determine how grades are presented on the LMS. These settings will apply to the teacher, and will carry over to students and parents (see Grade visibility below.)

The "Display notation" dropdown menu will determine what letter or number grading scale corresponds to students' overall percentage grades. These scales are generally configured in advance by site admins. The "Display percent" checkbox controls whether or not a percentage score is displayed alongside the grading scale result.

Grade visibility

The grade visibility checkboxes determine whether or not students and parents can see gradebook data when they login to the LMS. (Teachers, of course, can always see and edit gradebook info!) 

Term weighting

This section will appear if the LMS administrator has chosen to allow teachers to set their own term weighing. For example, they can set that the first semester will be weighted less than the second. They can always choose the default, which would align with the settings in the LMS Manager. For additional information about the LMS manager settings for this, see this article on setting term weighting

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