Record attendance as the admin of a group space

  1. Navigate to a class in the LMS.

  2. Click the "Attendance" button

  3. Select "Absent," "Late," "Early Dismissal" for students as appropriate.

  4. Click "Take Attendance."

Teachers can post optional comments when creating attendance notices; these comments will be visible to attendance admin users.

Attendance for a class can be updated after it's initially submitted. If, for instance, a student is marked absent when attendance is taken at the beginning of class but later comes in, the teacher can return to the attendance screen, change the "absent" record to a "late arrival" record, and click "Take Attendance" again. The record will be updated with the new information and a new timestamp.

To take attendance for a day in the past, use the dropdown menu at the top of the screen to select the proper date, then take attendance as usual.

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