Record attendance as an Attendance Admin

To mark down an absence, early dismissal or late arrival as an Attendance Admin user:

Log into your account and click "Attendance" in the Account Bar. You can also click the "Attendance" button from the LMS Dashboard.

The LMS Attendance page has two columns. On the left, Attendance Admins can enter daily attendance information for individual students. On the right, the Class Attendance data collected by teachers is shown in an Activity Stream-like column display. 

Use the "Student's Last Name" field to find a particular student for editing, and then click on the student's full name when it pops up to create a new attendance record.

  1. Select a date. You can enter future attendance information (for instance, if you know a student is going to be away on vacation for an entire week, you can enter all of those days at once). This information will be visible to teachers and already filled out in their screen when they take attendance on any of those days.

  2. Choose the type of attendance notification (Absent, Late, Early Dismissal, Late and Early Dismissal), and set whether the notification is excused or unexcused.

  3. Select a reason for the notification.

  4. (Optional) Add a comment. Comments will be visible to teachers when they're reviewing Class Attendance.

  5. Set whether this incident is "open" or "closed."

After saving the notification, a new entry will appear in the "Daily Attendance" column.

Attendance Admins can always see when an attendance notice was created, and by whom. The buttons to the right of the student's name can be used to edit the notice, or to view a summary of that particular student's attendance notices. To the right, the colored flag indicates the type of attendance notice, as well as whether or not the absence was excused. This information also appears on teachers' Class Attendance displays for each of their classes.

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