Set Attendance Admins

In Modules and Settings > People > Group Manager you should see an "LMS Admin" group. If you do not see this group, please contact support.

Below that group you should see a number of groups, usually one for each school. For example, "Upper School Attendance Admin."

Select the appropriate group for the attendance admin. Then select the "Members" tab and click the green "Select more Members" button. Select the constituents.

Note: The Group Role doesn't matter as this is not a group space. You can add them as members or as admins.

Assigning attendance rights in the LMS

Now that the new Attendance Admin group exists, it must be granted the right to view attendance data. This is done in the LMS Manager.

Open LMS Manager - the Schools tab opens up by default.

  1. Select a School.

  2. Click the “Enable class attendance for teachers” checkbox.

  3. Click "View All" and select the appropriate group that contains the individuals you wish to have as attendance admins.

  4. Save your edits.

Once this has been done, the users in the attendance admin groups will see an "attendance" button on their account bar.

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