Order events that fall on the same day in Finalsite Learn

LMS Calendars list events according to both the date the event was created as well as the time of day the event will run.

  • Events that are scheduled to run "all day" (that is, without a specified start/end time) are listed first in the calendar view.

  • Events that have set start/end times are displayed in chronological order.

  • In the case of an Assignment-type event, the assignment's due date will serve as the "end time" for the purposes of listing that event on a calendar.

  • Any events that are scheduled to run on the same day at the same start/end times (or multiple all-day events on the same day) will be listed in the order the events were created.

For example, let's say that the events were created in this order, and all for the same day:

  • Science Lab Report - all-day event
  • English Rough Draft - due at 5pm
  • Art History Portfolio - all-day event
  • Math In-class Assignment - starts at 11am

Then, the events would appear in this order on the Planner tab:

  1. Science Lab Report (all-day event, displayed at the top of the list)
  2. Art History Portfolio (all-day event, displayed at the top of the list - this one appears second because it was created after the Science Lab Report event)
  3. Math In-class Assignment (scheduled event, listed in chronological order)
  4. English Rough Draft (scheduled event, listed in chronological order)

However, if they all have the same time (e.g., all-day events), then they would appear in this order:

  1. Science Lab Report (all day)
  2. English Rough Draft (all day)
  3. Art History Portfolio (all day)
  4. Math In-class Assignment (all day)

These events are all displayed in the order they were created, as there is no other scheduling info available to differentiate them.

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