Use the Planner

The Planner (workload) calendar, accessible via the main LMS Calendar page, shows the upcoming tests, quizzes and other schoolwork assigned to the students in a teacher's classes.

Use the miniature calendar display in the left banner to choose a week to view. Teachers can also select a week using the left and right arrow buttons at the top of the main display.

Beneath the miniature calendar, the "Assessment Types" filter lets teachers choose what kinds of assignments the Planner calendar will display. If a teacher only wants to look at their students' upcoming exam schedule without seeing things like quizzes or homework assignments, they can do that using the filter checkboxes.

Teachers can also filter by the classes they teach and any athletic teams they might coach. The Planner calendar will track the assignments for students in all of the selected groups.

Each row of the Planner corresponds to one of the teacher's classes. Each column corresponds to a day of the week.

After a teacher has selected at least one group (either a class or an athletic team), the Planner calendar will populate with events. These events correspond to the tests, quizzes, homework or other assignments that the students in the selected classes have coming up, in any of their own classes. In other words, the Planner calendar shows students' upcoming assignments even if they're from groups that the user doesn't teach. Events that have been created but not yet published are shown in italics.

Events are displayed in alphabetical order by class (group) name.

The days on the Planner calendar are color-coded according to the number of assignments that students have been assigned, either in the current week or on the current day. Use the dropdown menu at the upper-right to toggle between a daily or weekly view.

Days are shaded in green when students have one assignment, in yellow when students have two assignments, and in red when students have three or more assignments. The example above displays two classes, English I and English III. On Tuesday, the students of English I have four assignments listed; as a result, that day is shaded red. Wednesday shows only one assignment for those students, so it's colored green. The key above the calendar display explains the color coding.

Teachers can hover over an assignment to display more details, including the class where the assignment originated and which specific students have that assignment.

Likewise, each class row has an “i” icon in the left-hand column. Clicking this icon shows a list view of the students in that class and each of their upcoming assignments in the currently selected week.  


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