Customize your LMS

The main LMS calendar, accessible via the Dashboard, contains a series of filters and selection controls that lets individual users decide which events will (and will not) appear on the calendar display itself.

At the top of the left-hand banner, filters allow users to show or hide events of a certain type or status. Event types are Event, Assignment, Quiz, Athletic and Exam. Every calendar item must belong to at least one of these categories. Event statuses can be either "Published" or "Unpublished."

Beneath the filters, users can further define what sorts of events their calendars display. 

First, users can select any groups that they belong to. If a group is not selected, then its events will not appear on the calendar regardless of any other calendar settings. Use the checkbox to the left of "My Groups" to select/deselect every calendar in this category. 

By clicking on the gear icon that appears when hovering the cursor over the "My Groups" section header, users can give all of the calendars in this section a custom color. Similarly, users can hover over any individual group name to reveal another gear icon - in this way, events from any specific group can also be displayed in a custom color.

Other options allow users to export all of the events from calendars in this category, to select or deselect everything in the category, or to hide all calendars that aren't in the selected category.

Beneath "My Calendars," users can select to view or hide all of the Athletic teams they belong to. Again, a custom color can be assigned to the entire category, or to specific calendars within that category.

Finally, parents will also see calendar categories that correspond to their children's groups.

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