Adding fsSocial features to mobile pages (Page Manager)

This article refers to our legacy product, Page Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Composer. To find out how to upgrade your site, talk to your Client Success Manager or learn more on our website.

The "Social" Mobile Page Type allows users to access and update their Messages and Activity Streams from mobile devices.

Users will have to login to the mobile site when accessing the Social Mobile page. Once they have done so, they will be able to click through to their unified Activity Stream and to their Messages.

The Activity Stream displays all activity across all of the user's groups; it can also be filtered by events or by groups.

Activity Streams can also be updated from the mobile app. The user will be prompted to select a group when creating a new Activity Stream update. Links and files can still be attached to Activity Stream updates, but any files must have been previously uploaded to File Manager. (This means that in order to attach a file, the user must belong to a role that has been allocated File Manager access.) Files can be uploaded to File Manager via the email uploader; once that's been done, they can be linked from an Activity Stream update.

Messages can also be accessed via the mobile page, and new messages can be created and sent. As with Activity Stream updates, messages can include attached files or links.

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