Portal Page elements (Page Manager)

This article refers to our legacy product, Page Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Composer. To find out how to upgrade your site, talk to your Client Success Manager or learn more on our website.

  • Activity Stream - Displays the most recent actions the logged-in user has taken when using or administering a group space.
  • Announcements - This element will show any News posts that were published as "Private" messages that the user has rights to see.
  • Bookmarks - Displays any bookmarks the current user has saved.
  • Calendar - This element can be customized to display events from one or more selected calendars from Calendar Manager.
  • Chart - Use the Chart element to create a pie chart or bar graph. You can customize various chart elements including the colors and layout to ensure that it matches your portal page's theme. See Chart Elements explained for more details on how to create and configure charts.
  • Content - This simple element lets you add standard text and HTML content. Use the Popup Editor to compose your content just as you would with a site page. You can also use a content element to add a form to your portal page. Just copy the Embed Code from the form in Forms Manager, and paste it into the HTML view in the Popup Editor.
  • Facebook - This element can be tied into a specific Facebook page and will display Wall posts from that page on your portal. The privacy settings on the selected Facebook page will determine which Wall posts are visible.
  • Flickr - Connect this element to a Flickr account to share photos from that account on your portal.
  • Gmail - The GMail element will automatically display new messages sent to a Gmail account that the user specifies. Users can click on a new message to jump directly to their GMail inbox.
  • Media - This element ties into Multimedia Manager. You can select which channel, folder or media object to be displayed on your portal page.
  • My Account - Adding "My Account" to a portal page gives the logged-in user quick access to the Group Spaces for any groups they belong to, any files they have uploaded, and shortcuts to edit their profile, password and any mailing list subscriptions. The "My Personal Files" link will only appear if the user's constituent role is configured to allow file uploads. Similarly, if the "Enable self-updating of profile" or "Enable self-updating of password" options are not selected in Constituent Manager, then the corresponding links will not appear on the portal element. The "My Groups" link will not appear if the user is not a member of any groups with a Group Space, as well.
  • My Groups - This element will display links to the Group Spaces of any groups the user belongs to (if applicable). This can be customized to only display groups that fall under a certain top-level group (i.e., only 'Athletics' or 'Academic Classes' groups).
  • News - Drop the "News" element onto a portal page to display headlines and content from the News Manager module. You can configure which News categories are displayed by customizing the portal element, and you can also select which parts of the News post will be shown (Summary, Description, Author, Post date, Thumbnail, Link).
  • Personal Reports - If your school uploads report cards or other personal student reports, this portal element can be placed on a Parent or Student portal page. The corresponding personal reports for the logged-in user will be displayed.
  • Resources - The Resources element allows the admin to upload files directly to the portal page, so that only users with access to the portal will be able to view them.
  • RSS Feed - Use an RSS Feed element to showcase continually-updated content from any website or site page with an associated RSS feed. You can find RSS feeds for Calendars in Calendar Manager, athletic event calendars, News categories and blogs, as well as many external sites.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) - If your school is integrated with a Student Information System, you can use the SSO element to access that system from your portal page. Use your finalsite login to take advantage of the features of your SIS.
  • Twitter - When this element is added to a portal page, it will display Tweets from a Twitter account that you select from the element options.
  • Vimeo - Use the Vimeo element to display video content from Vimeo.com. You can feature a specific video, user, channel, album or group by copying and pasting the associated ID number from Vimeo into the element options.
  • Weather - Enter a ZIP code into the Weather element options to display current weather conditions for that location on your portal page. You can add multiple Weather elements to track the weather at more than one location.
  • YouTube - The YouTube element lets you feature content from YouTube.com on your portal page. Copy and paste the YouTube ID for a video, channel, user or playlist into the element's options.
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