Resource folders in groups and portal pages (Page Manager)

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Both Group spaces and Portal pages can have "Resources" associated with them. Resources are files that class students or portal viewers can download to their own computers. On both Portal pages and LMS pages, files from File Manager can be used as resources by way of a dynamic file folder. Dynamic folders can contain files just like regular folders, but also display files that are saved elsewhere in File Manager.

Group spaces

A Dynamic File Folder acts just like a regular content folder in the Resources section of a Group Space, but is additionally a shortcut to another folder elsewhere in File Manager. When you create a Dynamic File Folder, you will be prompted to select a location in File Manager.

Navigate to the folder you want to include and click "Select This Folder." Once you do that, any content uploaded to the selected location in File Manager will be reflected in the Dynamic File Folder in the group's "Resources" page, as well.

The Dynamic File Folder will automatically update whenever new files are uploaded to the selected folder in File Manager. You can still add content to the Dynamic Folder via the "new resource" or "new folder" links in the Resources element, just as you would with a regular content folder.

Note: Any additional content added to the resource folder via the "New Resource" button on the group space page will NOT be added to the source folder in File Manager; only to the Dynamic File Folder. To update the common content in File Manager, you would have to navigate to the source folder in File Manager, and save the new content there.

This is very handy if you want to make content available to multiple classes/groups. Just create a folder in File Manager and use that as a central repository for all the content you want to share among multiple groups. You can then create a Dynamic Folder in each individual group's Resources page, and point each one to the same location in File Manager. All of those groups will display the content from the source folder. You can also add other, non-file resources to be shared to each group by adding them directly to that group's Dynamic File Folder just like a normal resource.

Just like with a regular content folder, you can share a Dynamic Folder with other groups. To share the Dynamic Folder, click on the pencil icon to edit the resource folder properties, then select "Enable other groups to share this folder." Click "Yes" on the popup warning that appears. The admins of other groups will then be able to create their own folder in their group spaces, and they'll be able to pull in the content of the Dynamic Folder.

Note: Any other admin who is given access to the Dynamic File Folder will have full administrative rights to add/delete content (again, just as with a regular folder). This only applies to other resources; files that are brought in from File Manager cannot be deleted from the Resources element. Content added by other admins will be visible in ANY group which has accessed the shared Dynamic Folder.

Dynamic folders in portals

Dynamic File Folders work exactly the same way in Portals as they do in Groups. You can add a 'Resources' element to a Portal page, and in that Resources element you'll see the "new folder" link. Clicking that link will bring up the same 'new folder' window that you would see in a group's Resources element, where you'll have the option to designate that new folder as a Dynamic File Folder.

From that point, you can adjust the Dynamic Folder's settings just as you would in a group space as detailed above.

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