Dynamic filters in action: Set up a mailing list for parents

The best way to keep parent lists - or any mailing list - current is to create them using dynamic filters. Dynamic filters continually pull recipient information from Constituent Manager, and a filter can be created for any number of groups, such as students in a particular grade year - or their parents.

Find out more about creating dynamic filters in the article Configure dynamic filters in eNotify.

As an example, let’s create a new list specifically for 10th grade parents. This list will automatically update itself and will always go out to parents of students who are listed in Constituent Manager as being in the 10th grade.

  1. First, create a new list using the green "New Mailing List" button on the eNotify dashboard. Give it a descriptive name, and save it by clicking "add new list."

  2. Go to the Recipients tab and create a new dynamic filter by clicking on the green "Add Filter" button under "Dynamic Filters."

  3. Add a new filter using the dropdown menus, working from left to right. Click the "Add" button next to the menus to add the condition to the filter.

    In this case, we've created a filter that selects all constituents who have children in Grade 10.

  4. You can add more conditions if you want. For instance, you could create a filter for parents with children in both Grade 10 and Grade 11 by adding another set of criteria alongside the first one.

  5. After you have established your selection criteria, you can use the "test filter" button to get a preview of which constituents will be added to the list, based on their current settings in Constituent Manager.

  6. When you have finished adding and testing criteria, click "add filter."

  7. You can also create multiple filters for a mailing list to include more constituents. Make a separate filter for children in Grade 9 to include parents with children in either Grade 9 or Grade 10, for example.

As you create your filter(s), eNotify will automatically populate your mailing list. The names and email addresses of all constituents who meet the filter criteria will be displayed in the Recipient List.

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