Creating telephone links on mobile pages (Page Manager)

Similar to email addresses, telephone numbers that are typed into the Page Content area of a Mobile page are not automatically converted into tappable links that would prompt a call to the listed number - you must manually turn that phone number text into a link. Here's how you can do that:

  • Highlight the text you would like to make into a phone link - usually this will be the phone number that's to be dialed, but it can be whatever text you like, or even an image.
  • Click the link button on the popup editor

  • In the "Link URL" field, type tel:[phone number] - don't include the brackets, just type the phone number without any hyphens. In the example shown above, you'd type tel:8005551212, as illustrated below:

Save and publish the page, and use a mobile device to confirm that it looks correct and dials the proper number.

The phone number (or whichever text you made into a link) will display as a link that, when clicked, will open the phone's dialer:


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