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This article refers to our legacy product, Page Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Composer. To find out how to upgrade your site, talk to your Client Success Manager or learn more on our website.

There are two page formats for displaying calendar content on your mobile site: the Calendar Event List, and the Calendar Grid. Both page formats pull information directly from Calendar Manager, and both can be customized to display information only from specified calendars. Users who log in to mobile pages can use either page type to see calendar events associated with the groups they belong to.

Calendar Event List

Similar to the Athletics Event List, the Calendar Event List is a chronological listing of events entered into Calendar Manager. Multiple Calendar Event List pages can be created on your mobile site to break out different calendars (for instance, Elementary School Calendar and Middle School Calendar.) Each Calendar Event List can be created under the Home page on your mobile site, allowing users to click through to the calendar they want to view.

Use the settings on the Calendar Event List page in Page Manager to configure which calendars’ events are displayed when an Event List is viewed in the mobile site. As with Athletic Events Lists, clicking on an individual event will drill down into a Detail view with further information about that item. The Calendar Event List view can display Event Title, Start and End times, update information (CHANGED/POSTPONED/CANCELLED), and Notes information from Calendar Manager (provided those fields have been filled out). Any of those fields which are left blank when events are created will not be displayed on the mobile page.

Site users reading a Calendar Event List can tap an individual event to get further details. Clicking on an event to open a detail view will display the Event Title, Event Description, Start and End Times, Update information, and Location. The Event Description field can contain links to other content on the website.

The following configuration options are available in Page Manager to determine the behavior of a Calendar Event List page:

  • # of days to display before today: Determines how far back in time the Calendar Event List will reach to pull data from Calendar Manager.

  • # of days to display after today: Set from how far out into the future the list will display events.

  • Max # of events to display: Set the maximum number of events to display on the page at one time. The mobile page will be truncated if this number is smaller than the number of events which are pulled from Calendar Manager.

  • Date Sort Order: Choose to sort by either Ascending date (lists the next upcoming event at the top of the page, scroll down to find events farther in the future), or by Descending date (top of page displays the events farthest out in the future, scroll down to move closer to the current date).

  • Calendars: Use the expanding tree menu to select which Calendars will be visible on this Calendar Event Page. The top checkbox will select “All Available Calendars.” Calendars selected in the lower gray box will appear in the upper gray box. As with Athletics events, it is possible to create multiple Calendar Event List pages in order to separate out events onto various calendar pages on the mobile site.

Calendar Grid

The Calendar Grid page provides many of the same functions as the Calendar Event List, but presents event information in a calendar format rather than as a list. The calendar view will automatically highlight days that have events scheduled with a lighter shade of grey.

Events scheduled for the currently-selected day are displayed below the calendar grid, and can be clicked to bring up a detail view just as with the Calendar Events List.

When displaying a calendar grid, the Options bar at the top of the screen shows a “Today” button, which skips the user to events on the current date. Also displayed is an “Options” button, which allows the user to grab iCal and RSS feed URLs for any displayed calendar. Feeds can be viewed and saved in the user's default calendar software on their mobile device.

The Calendar Grid page in Page Manager includes an expanding-tree menu used to select which calendars will be displayed on the mobile site.

Note: The Grid page does not provide any options for restricting the number of days displayed before and after the current date. Users can page through calendars one month at a time and view any active events.

Group Calendars

By default, mobile calendar pages only show public events. To view Group calendars, users must log in to the mobile site. Upon logging in, private calendar information will be displayed alongside public events.

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