Controlling who can use fsSocial

Messaging in Finalsite Learn can be found on the Groups Dashboard. To control who can see this button, after Messaging has been enabled for your site, Site Admins can adjust the permissions settings that dictate who a user can message. The permissions are role-based.

Go to Site Manager > Site Administration > Site Modules > Messaging.

In the "Messaging Permissions" window, use the radio buttons to select the "message send" permissions for each role. The options are:

  • send messages to all other roles that have messaging enabled, or
  • send messages to a sub-set of other roles

If you select "only specific roles," you'll be able to use checkboxes to determine which other roles can receive messages.

For instance, in the example above, a user in the "Faculty & Staff" role has permission to send messages to any users in the "Faculty & Staff," "Student" and "Parent" roles. A Student, on the other hand, can only send messages to "Faculty & Staff" and "Student" users - students are not able to send messages to parents.

Users who are members of more than one role will follow the most expansive permissions. 

If a role is grayed out and not clickable on this screen, that means it was not configured to have Messaging privileges during the Deployment phase. Contact Finalsite to have Messaging activated for those users.

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