Understand total recipients and duplicate records

When the number of total recipients shown for a list is higher than the total sent, the most likely reason is that you had duplicate email addresses in the list that were being used by more than one person (such as members of a household using the same email address, or by the same person appearing in the list under different names). Put another way, the "total recipients" metric counts names, not email addresses. For example, consider a list made up of:

  • me@home.com - Bill Smith
  • me@home.com - Bill Smith
  • me@home.com - Sue Smith
  • me@home.com - William Smith

This list would show as having four records, with one duplicate record (Bill), leaving three total recipients for the list; the different names are considered "unique" due to the different names that are each associated with the same address. Upon sending, however, eNotify would filter out the duplicate email addresses, reducing the actual number of eNotices sent to just one.

So, even though eNotify will never send multiple emails to the same address, in the reporting it would show that each person associated with the email address received the message.

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