Create and schedule a quiz

Teachers can use the Quizzes page to create graded (or ungraded) quizzes, choosing from a variety of question types. To create a quiz, go to 'Quizzes' in your LMS Dashboard:

From here, you can select an existing quiz to edit or to schedule for your class, or you can create a new quiz. Let's create a new quiz. Click the blue "Create Quiz" button.

Give the new quiz a name, and click "Save." You will be redirected to the Quiz builder. Click 'Add Question' to add your first question:

There are five question formats available:

  • Multiple Choice/Single Answer (Autograded): Students are given a range of possible answers, and must select one

  • Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer: From a range of possible answers, students select all that apply

  • Short Answer: Students write a short response that must include at least one keyword/keyphrase that teachers identify in advance as being 'correct.'

  • Long Answer: The same as Short Answer, but students are given much more room to write their response.

  • True/false(Autograded): Similar to multiple choice/single answer, but the true/false answers will be created for you.

Select the format for your first question, and enter the question text in the field provided. Select a correct answer (or enter a reference answer for short/long answer questions). You may also add an explanation that will be shared with students when you open your quiz for student review.

You've finished your first question! Select "Save and New" and repeat the same steps to continue building your quiz. When you have completed the last question, click "Save."

If you need to edit or delete a question, hover over the question to show the edit/delete controls to the right. You may also click and drag your questions to re-order. Note: on touch devices, the edit/delete and up/down arrow controls will always display.

To schedule your quiz, open the quiz from the Dashboard and click the purple "Schedule Quiz" button on the bottom right.

Once you have scheduled a quiz, it will appear on the Dashboard of your Class page in both the Activity Stream and Calendar elements

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