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“In French, “oeuf” means egg, cheese is “fromage”... it's like those French have a different word for everything.” - Steve Martin


The translation element for the Page Banners is an often-overlooked feature of your Finalsite pages. It doesn’t translate the pages for you (sorry, you’re still responsible for THAT one on your own), but it gives you a vital tool for communicating your site information in more than one language. This way you don’t have to do what my father does in French restaurants; namely, speak English slower, in a louder tone; “I…. WANT… MORE… COFFEE… PLEASE.”

The Translation Element is a Page Banner Element that allows you to create a series of pages that are linked to one another, and can be  interchanged with one another. The idea is that each linked page contains exactly the same content in different languages, allowing users to navigate around the site in their preferred language without having to select a particular translation each time they click to a new page.

Watch the video to see how translation elements work.

Esa característica es buena!

“My friend's a bilingual illiterate; she can't read in two languages.” – Steven Wright

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