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This article refers to our legacy product, eNotify, which will no longer be available and support for the product will be discontinued, effective August 1, 2023. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our Finalsite Messages, which provides enhanced security and reliability for your school's email communication needs. Visit our client portal for additional information and next steps.

Embedding video is NOT supported in eNotify messages.

Embedded video works in only a handful of email clients, leaving the majority of recipients unable to view the video (and frustrated as a result). Even for those email clients that can play video, each one will only play videos saved in a certain format - and the format that works for one client will not work for any others. Additionally, many spam filters automatically filter emails with embedded objects, because they could be used to deliver viruses or other malware.

The best way to deliver video via email is to link to it. If you want to make it look like embedded video, you can take a screenshot of your embedded player, then insert that into your email and link it to wherever your video is being stored.

Another common practice is to add a “play button” to a screenshot  of your video content. You can use a photo-editing program or a tool such as, which lets you upload your image and automatically add a play button overlay. Link the image to your video location.



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