Creating a table of contents in a banner (Page Manager)

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It is possible to create links within a banner that point to specific piece of content on a page using anchor links. Anchor links work just like hyperlinks between pages on your site, except that instead of pointing to a different page, they point from one place on a page to another location on the same page.

Note: Anchor links are specific to the page they are on. You will need to create a unique banner to apply to a web page which has anchor links embedded; the links in that unique banner will only work for the particular page which includes those anchor links. The banner will not work if used on another page.

See the Knowledge Base article on anchor links to learn how to add link targets to page content.

Note: To avoid errors in the browser, don't use any spaces when naming your anchors.

The link to the anchors placed in the content will be located on the banner.

To create a link to a named anchor, you will first need to create a banner which will house the link(s). It is best to clone an existing banner; this can be done from Site Manager > Page Banners by finding the banner you wish to use and clicking the 'Clone Banner' link at the top of the page. A new banner will open up automatically, with identical settings to the banner which was just cloned. Give the new banner a name and save it.

Note: Why clone a banner? Remember, anchor links are specific to the page that they're displayed on. If you include anchor links in a banner, and then create targets for those anchor links on a particular page, then that banner + page combo will work together. But the anchor links in that banner will not work on any other page. So by cloning a banner, you can create a unique banner with anchor links that is specific to the one page that has the corresponding targets for those anchor links.

Find or create the "Element Type: Text" box within the banner that will display the links. Write your link text in the content area. Highlight the link text, and click the 'Link' button below the text area. The Add/Insert Link window will appear. The anchors in the page text will NOT be populated in the "Anchors" dropdown menu. Instead, write the designator you selected for your anchor link in the "Link URL" field, preceded by the # symbol.

This process can be repeated in order to add multiple links to the banner.

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