Subscribing to text (SMS) alerts

Alerts and Notifications are generated by things like Blogs or News posts. Individual users must subscribe themselves to receive Alerts when a blog is updated, or when a post is made to a specific News category. In both cases, users must first signup to receive text alerts after adding their cell phone number to their account and verifying it. For more information about how to send text alerts, see Sending SMS alerts.

News Manager

The user elects to receive an Alert either via their email address, via text message, or both. Users can do this by:

1. Clicking the Profile link in their Account bar when they're logged in. 


2. Clicking on the "Subscriptions" tab, where they can hit the News Alerts > Settings link to view the available News categories.


3. Finally, the user can use the checkboxes to sign up for email alerts, text alerts, or both from any of the available categories.


Signing up for Alerts based on blog posts is slightly different. In that case, the user can:

  1. Navigate to the blog page and hit the "Alerts" button when they're logged into the site.

  2. As with News categories, the user can elect to receive Blog alerts via email, SMS, or both

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