An Important disclaimer regarding CVV codes and recurring payments

This article refers to a feature that is only available in our legacy product, Forms Manager. While we’re constantly working to add functionality to our new Forms module, the feature described in this article is currently only available in Forms Manager. Please subscribe to our Software Update Blog where you can get updates on our new developments.

Any gateway used to process recurring transaction must be configured to accept transactions which do not include a Card Verification Value code (also referred to as CVV, CVV2, CVC2, or CID).

When customers subscribe to a recurring payment plan and submit their initial transaction their card's CVV code will be collected (along with other billing information) and sent to the gateway for validation. Subsequent, automated recurring transactions will not include the CVV code with the rest of the billing information sent to the payment gateway due to PCI data security standards that prohibit the storage of CVV codes.  Therefore, to ensure your gateway is capable of processing recurring transactions, the CVV code cannot be required to process credit card transactions. 

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