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This article refers to our legacy product, Forms Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Forms, which is already available to you in your modules list. To learn more, please review our New Forms FAQ or Compare Forms and Forms Manager.

With Forms Manager, you can create forms that allow people to pay for things such as ticket sales or online donations. The default option for payment is by credit card, which can be processed and completed directly online. However, you may want to allow people to submit their payments another way, such as by check. To do this, you can set up alternate payment methods on a form and allow people to select which one they want to use.

Note: Alternate payment methods do not actually process funds. Alternate methods allow the site admin to specify instructions for later payment.

Creating an alternate payment method

  1. Open the form in Forms Manager, and navigate to the Payment tab.

  2. Click the green "Add payment type" link.

    Other method of payment link

  3. In the box, type the label you want to give it, e.g., "Check" or "Purchase Order" (maximum 50 characters).

    Enter alternate payment type

  4. Click the green save icon to save it.

  5. Click the Edit Instructions link.

    Edit instructions link

  6. In the pop-up, enter any relevant instructions for the user that pertain to this payment method. For example, who to make a check out to and the address to send it.

    Edit alternate payment instructions

  7. Click Update, and then Save Changes to save your edits.

These alternate payment methods will appear after the user has submitted the form. The user will be able to choose how to proceed to the payment phase of the form-submission process.

Removing an alternate payment method

From within the Payments tab, deselect the checkbox to the left of the payment method name. Then save changes.

Reporting on an alternate payment method

If a user selects an alternate payment method, the submission in the Results view will be listed as "Awaiting Payment." An admin can follow up with the user, if necessary, and then change the status manually by clicking on it.

To view non-credit card form results:

  1. Select the form in Forms Manager and go to the "Results" tab.

  2. Click "Set Columns."

    Set results columns button

  3. Under "Payment Info," select the "Payment Status" field to be displayed on the table by clicking on it - the "Payment Status" label will move from the right-hand column to the left side of the display.

    Add Payment Status to columns

  4. Click the "Set" button to finalize the selection of columns on the table. The "Set Columns" window will close, and the table will now show the "Payment Status" column.

  5. After the payment for a non-credit card submission has arrived, form admins can change that submission's payment status by finding it on the table and clicking on the cell.

  6. A new window with all of the submission details will pop up. Scroll down to "Status," change the payment status using the dropdown menu, and click "Change Status" to update.

    Click on status to edit results

Differentiating alternate payment methods

If you have multiple forms of alternate payments, it may not always be clear which type of payment has been selected. There are several locations to determine which "other" payment method was chosen:

  • In the admin notification email.


  • On the "Results" tab of the form. In the "Payment Status" column, click on "Awaiting Payment", to open a pop up with more information about the transaction, including which method was selected.

  • In Payment Manager. Set your columns to show "Status" and "Method" to view which transactions  are "Awaiting Payment" and which method of payment they have agreed to pay by.

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