Browser compatibility

Finalsite websites should be compatible with the latest versions of the following major browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

These browsers are updated often, and incrementally. Our policy is to support the current version, as well as two previous releases. However, these browsers are also updated automatically, and it is recommended that the current version be used at all times.

Please note that all browsers interpret and display HTML and text formatting a little differently, so while your website content will display properly on these browsers, it will not necessarily display identically.  For example, the exact place that a line of text wraps around a picture, or the degree of indentation present in a bullet list, may vary from browser to browser.

Internet Explorer support

After more than 25 years of helping users explore the web, Internet Explorer was officially retired by Microsoft on June 15, 2022.

To ensure that your website admins continue to have the best experience, please encourage the use of recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge to access and manage your Finalsite website.

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