Editing an Attendee's Registration

You can edit an attendee's registration details, if they request it of you after the fact, or if have a misspelling or other mistake.

To edit an attendee's registration details:

1. Open up the event in Registration Manager.

2. Go to the Registrations and Reporting tab, and click on the "Registrations" screen.

3. Use the sorting and filtering tools to find the registration that includes the attendee in question.

4. Hover over the registration record, and click the pencil icon to edit it.

5. If there's more than one attendee associated with the registration, select the proper attendee to edit.

6. You can edit the attendee's name and email address details.

Or click "Add Session" or "Remove Session" to change the individual sessions that user selected when they registered.

Available sessions are displayed in black text; sessions shown in gray are already associated with the attendee's record. When adding sessions, you will be given the option to send a Notification email to the attendee, the original registrant, and/or the event admin.

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