Managing an event waitlist

Events, as well as sessions within events, can be limited to a given number of attendees. When the event or session reaches capacity, users will not be able to register for the event; it will be marked "Closed." The exception to this is if the event or session has a waitlist.

Waitlists can be managed from the Registrations and Reporting tab. Event waitlists and Session waitlists are both managed the same way.

Viewing the waitlist

To view the waitlist for an event:

  1. Open the event in Registration Manager, and click the Registrations & Reporting tab.

  2. Click the Attendees button on the left.

  3. Select Waitlist.

To view the waitlist for an individual session:

  1. Open the event in Registration Manager, and click the Registrations & Reporting tab.

  2. Click the Sessions button.

  3. Select Waitlist.

Note: An event can have separate waitlists for sessions and the event as a whole. It's not uncommon for the sessions to reach capacity first, while the event itself still has spaces remaining. Make sure that you are viewing the correct waitlist to avoid confusion.

Using the waitlist and offering seats

The Waitlist displays a limited set of information about each attendee on it:

  • Name of session (for session waitlists)

  • Attendee first/last name

  • Attendee email

  • Date registered

Attendees are listed on the waitlist in the order that they registered for the event/session: the attendee at the top of the list was the first to sign up, the attendee at the bottom was the most recent.

To give a waitlisted attendee an active seat in the event/session, select the checkbox next to their name, and click "Offer Seat."

A new modal window will appear.

Seats are offered to a waitlisted attendee via email. The admin can edit the text of the email that's sent out; the email will also contain a link that the attendee can complete in order to finalize their registration. Admins can use the dropdown menu to set the length of time the registration link will remain active. This way, for highly popular events, admins can give each user on the waitlist a chance to register in turn without holding up registration for an overly long period of time. Admins can select 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours or 1 day.

Note: A seat from the waitlist must be manually offered by an admin - there is no automatic way to offer a seat to the next person in line when an attendee cancels their registration. (In fact, there is no way for a user to automatically cancel their registration in the first place - this must be manually performed by an admin, as well.)

When a seat for an event opens up, it cannot be reserved for someone on the waitlist. The seat is given to the next person who requests it, whether from the waitlist or a brand-new registrant. If the event is in high demand, it may be best to contact the person on the waitlist and confirm they can register immediately before opening the seat and offering it to the attendee.

Attendees cannot be canceled from the waitlist because, being on the waitlist, they never really registered in the first place.

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