Print student grade reports

When parents, students, and teachers view grade reports (by clicking the "Reports" button on the LMS Dashboard), they'll see a print icon next to each report once each report is published. There is not currently a way to bulk print reports. 


Click or tap the print icon to display the printable view of the corresponding grade report. Users can choose to see either the "Full Version" (which includes the teacher's comments) or the "Grades Only" version of a report.

Reports show the student's grade for each class, attendance information for the applicable time period, any Skills Grades earned during the report term, as well as the applicable grade notation, if any.

The "Grades Only" report will only show classes with numerical grades. It will not show any skills grades or any classes that do not have grades associated with them. 

The school logo and name appear at the top of the report. These can be customized in the LMS Manager > Schools tab.

It is suggested to include the school's address and any pertinent information you would need at the top of the report in the logo. 

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