Submit final grades as a teacher

At the end of each Marking Period, teachers must submit students' final grades. The final grade for each student will be a calculated average of the grades they've received on each of their assignments. If the teacher created weighting categories for the class assignments, Gradebook will use those weights to calculate the final grades. Teachers also have the ability to override the calculated grade before submitting final grades, and can provide a reason for doing so.

Depending on the configuration options chosen by site admins in the LMS Manager module, teachers may or may not be required to submit a comment with each student's grade. (Comments are always available as an option, even if they're not required.)

After grades have been submitted, students and/or parents will be able to see their final grades for each marking period on the Gradebook tab when they log in once the reports have been marked as "Published." 

After grades have been submitted, a grade report can be exported for upload to another Student Information System, if desired. The grades will only export once the grades have been submitted. 

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