Set up different types of grading

Gradebook lets teachers set up custom assignment categories to match the work assigned to students. Each in-class or homework assignment given to students is associated with one category. Teachers can then give each category an individual weighting percentage (the categories must total 100%, of course). When grades are tallied for each marking period, the students' performance in each category will be tallied up, and then all the category tallies will be weighted when calculating the final grade.

Creating categories

  1. Select whether to calculate based on averaged assignment points earned vs. assignment percentage grades (see below).
  2. Choose standard or category weighted grading
  3. For category weighted gradebooks, add at least 2 categories. Set the percentage of the final grade that each category will count for.

Points vs. percentage grading

Teachers can choose either of two methods for calculating grades:

Points earned

The points earned-based method ("points") adds up the total number of points that students could have possibly earned for each assignment, and then divides that by the number of points each student actually scored. The resulting calculation is a percentage representation of each student's performance averaged over all assignments.


The percent-based method uses a slightly different mathematical procedure to calculate grades. Each assignment is given a percentage grade based on the total value of possible correct answers divided by the number of correct answers actually given. After the percentage calculation for each assignment is calculated, those percentages are totaled and averaged to arrive at the students' grade.

In either case, if a teacher has opted to use Categories to define different kinds of assignments (differentiating between Homework, Quizzes, Tests, etc.), then Gradebook will calculate an average score for each assignment category at the end of every Marking Period. Then, those category scores will be averaged, and any category weighting applied as appropriate, in order to calculate the students' overall term grades.

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