Public Users

Public User accounts are created by individuals who want to use features of the website, but who are not affiliated with the school and therefore do not have accounts in another role defined in Constituent Manager (e.g., Students, Parents, Faculty/Staff, Alumni, etc.) 

A user who does not already have an account in Constituent Manager will be prompted to create a Public User account on the site whenever they:

  • subscribe to an eNotify list
  • subscribe to news or calendar alerts
  • purchase an item through the Commerce Manager
  • register for an event with Registration Manager, or
  • create a website profile

Public Users appear in Constituent Manager just like any other constituent role.

Compared to other roles in Constituent Manager, there are some limitations on Public Users: 

  • Site admins cannot create Public User accounts via a datasheet upload or manually through Constituent Manager - Public User accounts can only be created via the website front end. 
  • Constituents cannot be assigned to any other role in Constituent Manager while they are assigned to the Public User role. In order to move a constituent from Public User to a different role, you must first deselect "Public User" from their profile in Constituent Manager.
  • Public Users cannot be filtered into groups. By default, the Public User role doesn't store any data beyond basic name and contact information, so there is no data to apply to a filter.
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