Allow students to post to blogs

Students (members of group spaces) cannot post to blogs. Blogs are restricted to group admins (which are most commonly teachers). Students can reply to blog posts, but cannot create their own. However, if you have more of a student-run group space, they could be admins of the group space and post to the blog section. 

The Discussion Board tab has many of the same features as a blog and does allow students to create new posts.

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  • Hi Patti! 

    The “Discussion” section of the LMS is designed to let students participate in and direct conversations in the class’s online space. Discussion boards function like blogs in that both students and teachers can post to boards, with conversations broken out into individual topics. When creating a new board, the teachers can choose to let students create their own topics.

    This way, not only can students start their own topics, other students can collaborate and join in. 

    Please feel free to check out our Knowledge Base article on this topic, Blogs vs. Discussion Forums, which can help decide which option would be best for each class!

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  • Are there any plans to allow students to post to blogs in the future? Some of our teachers are interested in using the blog but find that limitation makes it ineffective.



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